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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saving Lennox

I know I've been posting a lot of petitions lately but they assist the cause when activists are meeting with local legislators, pleading a case. They demonstrate some level of public awareness about a wrongdoing, and give leverage to those lobbying to have something corrected.

In this case, a dog was wrongfully taken from his family in Belfast, Northern Ireland last May. Everyone involved knows the dog, Lennox, has not bitten anyone, no complaints were filed against him for his behavior, nor have his family been cited in any wrongdoing where he is concerned. So, why does Belfast refuse to give him back?

I think they're embarrased by their poor choice and now are not sure how to extracate themselves from it.

Forrest, meet trees, please!

Victoria Stilwell, famed dog trainer on TV, has taken up Lennox's cause. Please see her blog and sign the petition to have Lennox returned to his family where he belongs. It took me literally less than a minute. There are almost 30,000 signatures already.

Thanks for all your help. Here is the official Save Lennox website.