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Saturday, March 26, 2011


UPDATE:  Garden Spires Apartment Complex. NJ. Newark, NJ 07107-2223

I will be posting more information about this story, like an addy, which regular readers of this page know I publish for every animal abuser whose info I get ahold of.  I wanted to wait till the skank that did this was found, and now she has been.

Or is it hazbin?  Hurtin'?

You decide... meet Kisha Piece O'Trash Curtis.

This is what she did. She starved this dog, then dumped him down the garbage shoot in her NJ building. The sanitation worker noticed the bag move slightly, and now Patrick, found on Saint Patrick's Day, is being rehabilitated. Yes, he survived. And now this dog has more fans that this sorry excuse for a woman does.

I hope she needs police protection. No hiding it. I feel no such virtous urge. Garbage is as garbage does. The dog is worth ten times her. Maybe a hundred.