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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chesterfield South Carolina Shelter Worker May Be Running Dog Fighting Ring From The Shelter

Remember the shelter in South Carolina that is run by the Sheriff's Office? The one that allegedly used dogs are target practice in order to euthanize them?  Read here and  here and here and  -- a completely new angle to the story here. (That last one is testamony from a former employee).

Well, even more pressing than an employee who witnessed dogs being shot is this new development:

A shelter worker - convicted of cocaine and LSD related crimes -  may be involved in running dog fights from the shelter.

I wonder if this will make it into the Sheriff's report, the one he is preparing about the crimes committed in his own shelter. And the guy had the nerve to intimate that the shelter might close due to the scrutiny, because of course they don't have a budget or what not. Fuck off, asshole.

If you are outraged, please contact local legislators in the backward fine state of South Carolina. They are waiting to hear from you!

For the latest in this sorry affair, via Fox News in Charlotte:

CHESTERFIELD CO., S.C. - Cement weights, a chain, a "work out" area, all at an animal shelter. Maybe the Chesterfield County employees or the inmates who worked at the shelter were using the equipment on their lunch break. Dog fighting experts say that type of equipment can be used to train pit bulls. We're told the equipment has been gone for a few years. "In my opinion, nothing has gotten better, they've only gotten better at hiding things," says animal rescuer "Jennifer."

...One of the county employee's names kept popping up on dogs (Note from Shelter Tails: his name popped up because dogs were held for him. This shelter does not adopt out pits so why were they held?), Jennifer says. Brian Burch, the shelter director, is also a convicted felon. In the 90's, he was sentenced to three years in prison plus a $10,000 fine for coke and LSD.
Rescuers like Jennifer tell us kennel tags marked "hold pit bull" were common place. The shelter doesn't allow pits to be adopted. "On kennels, there was papers saying 'hold for Brian Burch.' A lot of these dogs would be severely scarred, so skinny. Every one of 'em, pits. Never another breed of dog," says Jennifer
And then, there's the possible Michael Vick connection. News of his arrest in 2007 apparently gave some folks in Chesterfield County something to brag about, according to Jennifer. "I know a lot of people have told me they have bought dogs from Brian and Brian breeds dogs and Brian sells dogs and so they were proud of their dogs at that point because they said their dogs had blood lines of some of Michael Vick's blood line, that Brian's dogs could be traced back to Vick."