Now more than ever, you are needed to donate your old blankets, towels, and sheets to your local animal shelter. With financial cut-backs, repairs on shelters are often put off, so if it's drafty, the animals suffer. I know my shelter uses rags to stuff under doors. No kidding! Empty out those closets... this is your chance to get rid of stuff and do something useful!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

BROOKLYN IS BACK AT MOUNT VERNON, Thank GOD and a vigilent neighbor

Thank you God and Saint Francis, who looked out for these dogs.

I have waited for baited breath for this. I had not heard the other two were returned (Layla and King) but apparently they had been.  Every time I drove around Westchester, I had my eyes peeled for these dogs.

This following note is from connections on facebook. I learned about it today while I was at Yonkers Animal Shelter doing my Sunday-thing, since our second in charge, Marco, was the guy who helped to pick Brooklyn up from the abandoned house he was left in. He is severely emaciated. Yes, some sub-human piece of crap, after stealing the dog, had the nerve to stash him in a place where he hoped no one would find him, to hide his crime. No food or water.


We can officially say Brooklyn is back - thanks to all of you! We got a tip today about a dog left in a vacant house on Chestnut Street. It sounded like there was a good chance it was him so Jeannie contacted the Yonkers shelter and police and we met them at the house. It was totally boarded up (!) and you could hear the dog scratching on the wall upstairs. The police and shelter guy went in through a back door and brought him back down. Boy was he happy to be out! The bad news is he is SOOO skinny and according to neighbors had been locked in there for weeks. This dog would have died a horrible slow death if it were not for everyone coming together and never giving up. A neighbor saw a poster on Chestnut that probably just went up yesterday so it was totally you guys that did it.

And yes the person who called this in is getting a huge reward. They deserve every penny (and more).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Clinic in West Palm Beach Screens Dogs for Heart Disease

via Bill DiPaolo for the Palm Beach Post News:

(Photo credit: Gary Coronado, The Palm Beach Post)

Great article on finding and treating heart disease in dogs.

About one in seven out of the 75 million dogs in the United States have heart disease. Just like their owners, the problem becomes more likely as they get older, said Rupp. The goal of the one-day clinic was to catch the problem and begin treatment.


Book On Deaf Dogs, 30% of Sales Support Rolling Dog Ranch


The photographer Melissa McDaniel is having a promotional sale this week on her two photo books, Deaf Dogs and Rescued in America. 30% of her sales from phone orders will go to the ranch to benefit our disabled animals, while 30% of her online orders will go to the PetFinder Foundation. So if you'd like to purchase one -- or both! -- of these beautiful albums and help the ranch, please make sure you call your order in to this number: 267-968-9973. The sale starts today, Wednesday, and runs through this Friday.

Click here to view photos from the dog photo books and read more about the projects:
For more on this special promotion, see


LOST DOG -- TEXAS, Dallas Area -- FOUND!!!

UPDATE 2/10/11:
This little darlin' got home on her own, eight days and thirteen pounds later. Thank You God! Just spoke to the owner and he said she came home before Texas got hit with snow. So glad!

Lost Huskie mix, spotted in Dallas on Sunday on Skillman & Mockingbird and then Monday on McMillan & Miller. Naej (pronounced NA-JEE) is a 6-year-old female, spayed, and microchipped (ID 45770D4125). From her owners: "She runs with us when her knee is feeling good and a hiker too, so she could be anywhere!" Naej had ACL surgery so she sits sideways on her back legs. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. 972-413-5657 to report if you see her. Please share!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Close Call For Dog Stolen While Owner Was Walking Her

Fortunately the family got Bailey back. Folks, as a reminder, please don't leave your dogs in the yard unattended, even for a few minutes. This dog was being walked off leash in its own yard, and there was a family member outside with her! Still, some low life decided he could make a buck off of someone's misery instead of getting a damn job.

Bailey got sold the same day she was stolen. Happily, the lady who "bought" Bailey read the news reports of her missing and did the right thing.


UTICA NY Man NOT Charged With Cruelty To His Dog

Guess the po-lice needed more proof, though I'm not sure what you need besides icicles hanging from the dog's body. Seems they are not releasing the guy's name, either. You can be sure when I get it it will be posted!

Maybe write a letter to express your outrage. It appears others have been doing it already.

The sorry story is here.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Minnesota Puppy Mill Shut Down. Watch If You Dare.

For the uninitiated, all dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills.

Pets Alive, by Guideposts

I posted about this fine group recently.

Guideposts just did a video of them.


What To Look For Regarding Dog Fighting, by Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

via Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue:

Dog fighters come in any class. They can be Doctor's, Lawyer's and Police Officer's. They can be of any race rich or poor.

It is important to never overlook what might being going on with "Pit Bulls" in your area.

Some people are surprised when I mention a Police Officer being a dog fighter. Yes it is very true.

There are gangs out there. Using these precious dogs for status symbols. They think they are really doing something by using a dog for fighting. I think it is really low and I am not impressed by their so called actions.

The owners who care and love this type of dog have really got to keep their eyes open.

Keep your eyes open for the following:

Dogs with ears cropped so short they look like that have none.

Dogs with heavy thick metal chains around them.

Heavy traffic in and out of a home. At differnt times of the day or night.

Basement windows that are boarded up or blackened out.

Old abandoned sheds, or garages.

A dog that appears to have a lot of scarring on the face.

Fighting dogs are kept very far apart. If you walk into an area and see several dog spots but they are very far apart. Keep this in mind: What are you looking at?

As a rescue person these are things I keep in mind when someone wants to adopt a dog.

I will also use my common senses. How is this peron speaking to me. I have had calls that sounded just like a gang members talking to me. I will use the same quetion but reverse the question. I will find people lieing to me.

Dog fighting is not a sport! It is animal cruelty and we live in world where children and adults need to be educated on this.

When one person or more makes a dog or puppy fight that is making them only do what the owner wants them to do.

Keeping these "Pit Bull" dogs out of the wrong hands is what many of us want. Even breeders should be more alert and into seeking out the people who are purchasing puppies from them.

Craigslist is a good tool! But it is where many bad people find a free dog. No one thinks that dog is going to end up dog fighting.

Free to a good home! Is the wrong way to go about finding a home for any breed of dog.

Mecca Stanley

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

United APBT


Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Miriam Fowler Smith, of 410 John Worthy Road, Pacolet Mills, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This has been in the news all week but I had two other yahoos to post about. Various news organizations have the story but I link here to Care2Make A Difference
Pacolet Mills, South Carolina - Multiple news sources have reported a disturbing story out of South Carolina. Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, will face felony animal cruelty charges for the brutal killing of a dog.

The dog, a Pit bull named Diamond, was strangled with an electrical cord and then burned because she had "chewed" on Smith's Bible which had been left outside on the porch.

The dog belonged to Miriam Smith's nephew, Andy Fowler. According to reports, Smith admitted to killing the dog because she chewed on her Bible and she believed that the dog was a "devil dog" that could harm neighborhood children.

The dog was just one year of age. According to one report, Diamond lived on a chain in the yard.

Authorities found Diamond buried under a mound of grass on Smith's property. The orange cord was still around the dog's partially burned body that still smelled of kerosene.

Such sad irony to this news....Miriam Fowler Smith believed that the dog was a danger to others. By her cruel actions, it seems that Miriam is the danger to society. Normal people do not hang dogs and burn them with kerosene.



There seems to be a lot of this lately.

Joseph Grady Barker, 35,
of the 7400 block of Brookline Avenue, Fort Pierce

On Jan. 8, Barker paid a friend $20 to drive him and Sam to the L-20 Canal east of Kings Highway, his affidavit states. Barker stepped out of the vehicle, struck the pit bull on the head several times with the tire iron and tossed him into the canal. The blows did not kill Sam, who swam out of the water and attempted to climb the embankment, according to the affidavit. Barker caught Sam and used a knife to stab him 26 times in his neck, the Sheriff's Office said.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Folks, don't leave your dogs outside in weather like this. Please.

Here's an idiot who did. Her little dog froze to death.

SANDY HAYSLETT, 291 Morton Road in Vermilion, Ohio
VERMILION, OH (WOIO) - A pet owner was arrested Sunday afternoon after leaving two dogs outside in the frigid temps overnight causing one dog's death.

The Vemilion Police Department responded to 291 Morton Road for a report of animal cruelty. A caller reported two dogs were being kept in the back yard of the residence and that it looked like one of the dogs had died.

Investigators arrived on scene and spoke with the homeowner, 38-year-old Sandy Hayslett who allowed them onto her property for inspection.

The officers entered the backyard and observed a small dog that was deceased and appeared to have frozen to death. The dog's owner said it was Shih Tzu approximately 2-3 years old.

Officers inspected the backyard and noted improper shelter, food and water for the dogs, especially given the extremely cold temperatures. According to the dog owner, they are always kept outside.

Full story at


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You know the world is dangerous when you're glad a pitbull has been returned to an animal shelter. Thank God Wylie will not be used for dog fighting, and the Irving volunteers and staff are relieved. We all are! Thank you for passing this information along!
Wylie has been safely returned to the Irving Animal Shelter. Shelter staff were elated to see the stolen dog, and from was is being shared on Facebook, the dog was happy to be back among familiar, friendly faces.

Wylie was stolen from the shelter on Saturday, January 15. After he disappeared, many people were concerned that he might be used for dog-fighting.

Concerned volunteers, staff and animal lovers banned together to help raise a reward for Wylie's safe return.

Wylie appears to be in good condition, though his dog-nappers did dye his fur in a pathetic attempt to change his appearance.

Continue reading on Stolen dog returned to Irving Animal Shelter - National Dogs

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dog Stolen From Irving Texas Shelter - REWARD OFFERED


There is $375 $600!! reward being offered for information leading to the SAFE RETURN of Wylie.
(Anyone with ANY information PLEASE call Irving Police at 972-273-1010 or the shelter at 972-721-2258 or 972-721-2259 or 972-721-2256 AND email laura at ASAP)

I know this shelter. It's high kill but that's because of the volume of dogs due to there being fewer spay/neuter programs and because of the abundance of puppy milling in Texas. However, the supervisor there is very consciencious and they are careful about adopting out their dogs. About a month ago, I helped a family in Texas that was looking for a lab adopt Campbell, who now lives a good life. They got him from Irving.

Recently, a dog was stolen from that same shelter, and police are asking for the public's help.

Here are the two people seen in videotape jumping the fence with Wylie, the white dog pictured below.

NAME: Wylie
ANIMAL ID: 12169086
BREED: Argentine Dogo
SEX: male
EST. AGE: 7 months
EST. WEIGHT: 50 lbs
HEALTH: appears healthy

There is $375 $600 reward being offered for information leading to the SAFE RETURN of Wylie.

If anyone has information on the identity of the suspects or the location of Wylie, please contact the Irving Police Department at 972-273-1010 or submit an anonymous tip by e-mailing or the Irving Animal Care Campus at 972-721-2258 or 972-721-2259 or 972-721-2256

Please share this on the social media platforms you use. We will get this dog back, and prosecute these two thugs.


Support Spay/Neuter Bills in Washington State, Get Involved!

I am impressed by this organized approach to legislative victory. It will be hard work, but if you live in the State of Washington and you support spay/neuter programs, please continue reading or see the links for more info.

Join the Grassroots Campaign and be a Save Washington Pets Legislative Supporter or Captain in Your District!

Here’s all you need to do:
When it’s time to contact your state senator or state representatives to ask for support of the spay/neuter bill, we will let you know by telephone or email. Your job will be to call or personally write (US mail), or meet with your legislator and ask him or her to take specific action in support of the bill (we will provide guidance to you about this). Please be sure you have the time and willingness to do this—a personal contact like this is very important!

Ask two other friends or associates if they would also become legislative advocates for Save Washington Pets, and have them contact us to sign up.

There are 49 legislative districts in Washington. We would like to have at least 20 advocates in each district. Where necessary, one advocate will be asked to serve as a coordinator or "captain" for his or her district.

Why is this important? You, as a constituent, are among the people that legislators are most likely to listen to. Your voice matters. Expressing your views to your legislators about the spay/neuter bill WILL make a difference and can help this bill move through the legislative process.

When will you need to help? We anticipate needing your help periodically (a few times) beginning in January 2011 and through the 105-day legislative session.

How do I sign up to become a spay/neuter advocate?

Send us an email at that says you would like to be an advocate, and provide the following information:

1. Your first and last name
2. Your mailing address (street/PO Box, city, state [WA], and zip code)
3. Your email address
4. Your preferred telephone number
5. Your legislative district number (1-49) if you have it. If you do not, we will look it up for you using your address (We use the legislature's district finder:

Your contact information will not be sold, traded or given away. Your name and telephone number will be shared with the district captain, however.
Also, for information about the two bills they are asking the public to support, go here. One of them is an anti-cruelty bill.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Shelter Monday

One of the great things about having a three day weekend is the ability to go to the shelter twice, and still have a day to get all my stuff done. Yesterday we had 13 volunteers, so it was Happy Days for the dogs. Everyone walked, pooped and peed, and many got time in the play pens, as well as seeing their favorite humans who spoil them.

Today no such luck.  Far far fewer people and the same number of dogs to get out. So I walked more than usual; 19! Still, somehow most of those got to play for at least a few minutes, and I fed all the thin ones and gave out tasty chicken bits (I use a roasted chicken each week for the shelter).  All volunteers have their things they do for the dogs. I like to check that the arthritic dogs have blankets and I have a thing about making sure all the water buckets are filled (dogs are notorious for playing with them and spilling the water).  One volunteer paid for the higher priced water buckets so we could clip them to the cage walls instead of letting them be footballs. A few volunteers organize getting us the blankets, which we always need and especially so now that it's cold. One volunteer does handy-man work at the shelter, which is over 50 years old and needs a lot of work. The other day he spent many hours working just on the doors that separate the outside and inside of the big-dog runs (which, if they don't close properly, makes the shelter lose heat and our babies be cold). One volunteer buys dog food on sale, makes meat for the thin dogs, and collects blankets from people she knows, which I pick up and bring in. Other volunteers run a flea market with donated household items, and we use the money for medical operations that a municipal kill-shelter cannot justify (though we are low-kill). This week a dog with cherry eye, which has some technical term, I'm sure, and is painful, will be operated on.

I normally end the day giving out treats to the dogs in the runs (big dogs, big pens), and give about six to ten chew bones. I alternate between dogs that I know really enjoy them.  Other volunteers give out blankets or sheets. Dogs love having something to lean on. The new beds that were donated (and organized by a volunteer) were a Godsend. How nice it is to see the dogs have something new. And they are holding up really well.  Another volunteer spent $113 of her own money buying ice melt that won't hurt the dogs' feet. And today a volunteer's student from school came in and brought three new beds and three bags of treats. One person takes nice pictures of the dogs and manages our Petfinder pages, as well as coordinates all adoptions. We have three or so other volunteers that act as trainers for difficult dogs, and who walk around with someone considering a certain dog, to give them pointers and training tips.

Yet another whole group of volunteers manage the community events that raise awareness and money for the shelter: golf tournaments, flea markets, silver teas, silent auctions, and another event I will post about soon, at a local hair salon, which will benefit the shelter.

Those are just a few things that go on. As unglamorous as the place it, people (staff and volunteers alike) all really chip in to get the animals taken care of. I might be a bit of a Pollyanna, but that's what I see.


Transport Saturday, Odds and Ends, Two More Great Groups

Transported this moo-moo and six other sweeties Saturday night. They made their way from North Carolina to Maine, to be adopted.  Came out of a high kill shelter.  I brought a friend who didn't want me to drive the two legs of the transport myself but didn't particularly want to go (though she does a ton for shelter dogs).  We left at 5:30pm, and parted at 1:00am with her saying, "so when do we do this again?" Nothing like puppy breath, squeals, and playing to make you feel good! Four of the pups were all black, and I'm glad they will have their lives. So often they are forgotten at the shelters.

I am adding two organizations I have recently become acquainted with. I have given to both, and hope you will consider them.

Pets Alive took over Elmsford Animal Shelter in Westchester, the place where I have adopted three of my last four dogs, including Renaldo the Red. Elmsford was a no-kill shelter that loved the dogs and cats (and other small animals they had) but had trouble moving them out into adoption. They have had some success already! Since April '10, 50 out of 102 senior dogs have been adopted out. That's just one little fact that is stuck in my head.  I am amazed. I will do another post about them, and scan the very nice newsletter that I received in late December, and which caused me to make them one of the groups that gets a monthly contribution. Till them, here's a bit about them from thier home page.  They even have a pet food pantry!

I also recently learned they are starting a sanctuary in Puerto Rico, where some dog abuse has made the news in the last couple of years. Their work is not only much needed, but to this experienced fundraisier's eyes, they are stewarding and using their collected money well. More on this later but here they are in facebook.

Noahs Ark Rescue is another great group. I learned about them recently because they are taking in this dog: (look carefully)

This does is Smiley, who's lip was torn off and who has numerous scars and missing parts due to being used as a bait dog. That she is able to bond with humans is amazing to me. She is showing dog aggression but as long as she's with a large mellow dog she is doing okay. She will likely not be able to be near small animals, but in the right home she will be okay, and in fact, grateful and loving for the rest of her days (with conscientious dog ownership!)

This is good news, especially when you see a dog like Smiley. And this, too!

The group taking her in, Noah's Ark Rescue are, I just learned, miracle workers. They take in the super-difficult cases of abuse and neglect, fully vet the animals (many need amputations), foster and socialize them (or address whatever need they have), and adopt them out to great families.

Right now they are taking care of Emrick, a severly emaciated and neglected American Bull Dog, who is on their home page. Please consider making a gift to his care, and Smiley's. I did just this morning.

Also on their home page is this quote: how true it is!

“No one could make a greater mistake
than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
Edmund Burke  

Odds and Ends:

Another state is considering making life better for puppy mill dogs, or, as Best Friends Animal Society would have us say, "substandard-kennels that house dogs to be used for volume breeding."  Here's why it's needed.

Not thrilled about this, since he bought a puppy, but it's good he quit smoking.

Heroes come in all shapes. And sizes.

What a great idea!

Many things about my two fourteen pounders make sense after seeing this.

Expensive and maybe not worth it.

Oakland's BravestLittle one rescued. Thank you God for both of these!

Ingenuity, though I see many owners soaking wet anyway.

Once again, dogs faithfully doing their duty. Here, too.

God bless this man.

So glad stupidity didn't rule the day in Detroit.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Best Friends Says It BEST

Got my bi-monthly magazine from Best Friends just last night. Don't you know it is chock-full of puppy mill tidbits. I scanned a few for you to see. Hopefully that is okay! They really do say it best.

This is the victory that was had in Missouri, and which is now under threat of repeal. See below posts.:

These next two pages make an articulate case for the horrors of puppy mills - or, substandard kennels, as they are suggesting puppy mills be called:

Please, share the petition I posted here, so we can lift up our voices and speak for those who need us.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sign the Petition to Tell Missouri You Want Them To Leave Puppy Mill Bill Alone

Go here, sign, and put your two cents in.

Background on this issue:

Go here first, then here.

In case you're wondering what's so bad about puppy mills...


Pepsi Refresh Project is a Great Way to Fund Citizen-led Efforts to Help Animals (and other causes)

I am so impressed by this effort!

Reading some of the entries was really inspiring. Please take a look, vote for a few, and pass them along using whatever social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, for which there is a link at the end of each of my posts) you might frequent.  Without taking a minute to do things like this, we're leaving money on the table!

Poke around their website. It's very interesting.

You get TEN votes a day that you can use for any organizations you want to support. Click on their links and you will see how they propose to spend the money if they are granted it.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missouri Puppy Mill Victory in Jeopordy

Alarming news, via ASPCA's website:

PLEASE pass this along using whatever social media you frequent.
One of the biggest stories in the animal welfare world in 2010 was the grassroots campaign to pass Proposition B, the Missouri Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. It was a tough battle, but in the end, the Show-Me State’s long-suffering puppy mill dogs won the hearts and minds of the voters and passed by a popular majority, ushering in a new era for our nation’s undisputed puppy mill capital.
Unfortunately, this story’s happy ending is now in jeopardy. Several state-level senators and representatives serving in the Missouri General Assembly have expressed their intentions to pursue full or partial repeals of Prop B. But the numbers don’t lie: November’s vote proved that the majority of Missourians do not approve of keeping dogs in tiny cages for their entire lives, or forcing them to bear litter after litter without any time to recover. For state lawmakers to dismiss the decision of voting citizens is an affront to democracy and illustrates a stunning lack of respect for the intelligence of their constituents.

Missouri is home to one-third of all commercial dog breeding facilities in the U.S.—as many as the next three largest dog-breeding states combined—and supplies more than 40 percent of all puppies sold in pet stores nationwide. No matter where you live, there’s a good chance that the puppies in the window of your local pet store came from a Missouri puppy mill. Implementation of the Missouri Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act (scheduled for November) will impact other states, and so would the Act’s repeal. Allowing Missouri’s many substandard commercial breeders to continue treating dogs as they always have means that the flood of unhealthy puppies will continue unabated into pet stores.

Missouri’s state legislature convened earlier this week for its 2011 session. The ASPCA is asking Missouri citizens to contact their elected officials, many of whom are new to this issue, to express their opposition to any effort to repeal Prop B. If you don’t live in Missouri but still want to help, please spread the word by sharing this article via Facebook and Twitter.

You may remember this post about the victory.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MISSING DOG in Dennison, Texas Area

MISSING DOG ALERT: Dennison TX area. Dogs can travel a good distance, so plz keep an eye out for Cowboy; details and contact info in link below. Prayers for Cowboy to return safely home! ♥

LOST! REWARD! No questions asked. Dennison/Sherman/Lake Texoma area Saturday. Last seen Saturday at the rig, cotton patch area in Dennison. Name is Cowboy, still a pup, VERY loved. Has tags on. Contact Ashley 214-208-8114


I Think New York Is Going To Get Dumped On

If this article holds any truth, and considering Mr. Wiggins was hiding while inside the apartment last night, I think we're in for some major snow. I was wondering why he was acting so strangely, and had never seen him do what he was doing (hiding, shivering, insisting on sitting on my lap more than usual).

This article says Mr. Wiggins isn't crazy.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Odds and Ends

One more Mount Vernon Animal Shelter dog found! Three more to go (another dog, I learned, was stolen in mid-December). There is a reward for the remaining dogs.

Cruelty continues.

Yuck. Maybe have a plan if you don't show up to work.

I've said this before. Grusome. But this is excellent.

It's not enough to abandon a guy like this, but someone left him taped in a box and put him out with the trash?  People suck.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated...I hold that, the more helpless a creatur, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man."

Mahatma Gandhi

Animal Abuse Registry gaining momentum.

Lucky little Cloe, and kudos to New York's Finest.

Oldie but goody.
and on that note, remember this group.

I dunno.

It can happen. Always be careful with putting your little dog in the presence of bigger dogs and dogs that outnumber it.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

A good program.

It's important not to take yourself too seriously.

My dogs, or me!, are guilty of this.

I love this guy.

Another hero dog.

Amazing, but remember, you don't need to give up your dogs if you are a deployed soldier. You can contact this group and they will foster your pets and return them to you when you return home!

...and finally... enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Further Developments on Missing Mount Vernon Dogs

Apparently the "volunteer" was so for a very short time, a long while back, and in special, limited circumstances (I did not get further elaboration). Sometimes, a person serving community service does their bit at an animal shelter. I do not know if that happened in this circumstance but it is possible. At any rate, the current real Mount Vernon Animal Shelter volunteers are upset the press and police have pointed the finger at "a current volunteer."

So, for the record, the person charged and arrested has not been at the shelter in some time, but I bet he/she got a good lay-of-the-land while spending any time there at all. And instead of working like the rest of us they decided to sell some stolen dogs.

Also, we think the black and white pit that is missing may have been spotted. Yonkers Animal Shelter, where I volunteer, sent its people out to try and find him but had no luck. Here is a bit about what we know.

One of the missing Mount Vernon dogs, Brooklyn:
A woman just called the tip line from the train going through Yonkers. She saw a black and white pit sitting in an open field south of Ludlow Station. It looked lost and was all alone, between the water and rail tracks. We had the Yonkers Shelter go down to that area and they had no luck finding him. Please, if anyone is in the area, see if you can find him. We will be giving reward money to anyone who gets him. His name is Brooklyn and I will attach a picture
We called both the Mount Vernon and Yonkers Police and both said they would not respond and help us so we really need to spread the word.
PLEASE share this info and if you can help  look for the three missing dogs or have any information, please call Allison at 914-837-6205.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Former Shelter Volunteer May Have Helped To Steal Mount Vernon Dogs, Arrests Made

I must be a pollyanna because this possibility never entered my mind.  
LATEST UPDATE: see more recent post. The person charged is not a current volunteer.

Three dogs are still missing and that's what's important.

Anyone with information on the remaining missing dogs is asked to phone the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter at (914) 665-2444 or the Friends of the Mount Vernon Shelter at (914) 841-1001.


Four of the Stolen Mount Vernon Dogs Found; three still missing

Thanks to people passing this story around and for those individuals who called tips in to the police, which apparently assisted in finding them.

Let's keep the other three in our thoughts. Keep praying to St. Francis for these dogs.

A reward is offered for the remaining three dogs.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Dogs Stolen From Westchester County Shelter

This kills me, because I know how much we love our dogs at Yonkers Animal Shelter. To think that the stolen would-be pets could be used for dog fighting, most likely at bait dogs, is sickening. More on this as I learn about it. Pray to Sr. Francis for these dogs.

Another article about them...
Anyone with information about the dogs' whereabouts can call shelter volunteers at 914-841-1001 or email them at


In Need Of Public Feedback... allegedly threw puppy out car window


Maybe I'll get a Wikileaks - Time Magazine Person of The Year Award for posting animal abusers' addresses.

In the meantime, maybe this man can benefit from a letter writing campaign
letting him know what we think of him.

Sergiu E. Muresan, 26, of the 2400 block of Greenshaw Avenue, Chicago, has been charged with cruel treatment of an animal after he allegedly threw a puppy out of the window of his vehicle at the intersection of North Avenue and Route 83 in Elmhurst.
The dog is in good health and is being transferred from the DuPage Animal Hospital to the West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove. Any questions about adoption can be directed to the Humane Society at (630) 960-9600. Donations offers are being referred to local animal rescue shelters or charities.

On the alleged part, seems he surrendered to police.

The puppy has been named Ralphie.


Gassing Pregnant Animals

Is Lincoln County Animal Shelter in North Carolina gassing pregant animals? It's against the law there, but this article raises the question. For the record, when the mother is gassed, the animals inside her die later, from suffication.

This same shelter was found to be in violation of state law several times in 2010. Considering North Carolina doesn't exactly lead the nation in sterling shelter practices, this raises an eyebrow. Maybe we need to focus our attention on them a little more.

The gas chamber is barbaric and the animal rescue community is united in its effort to abolish its use. I will be posting on this regularly.

Thanks to for covering this shelter's activities.

You may remember this post about trying to abolish the gas chamber in one county in North Carolina, where its use remains legal.

Check out this group, which seems to be doing some good work in the Denver/Lincolnton North Carolina area, despite being confused with the local municipal shelter (Lincoln County Animal Services).


A Win-Win in Michigan

I completely and wholeheartedly support this effort made to socialize shelter dogs and have carefully-screened incarcerated people helping to train them and make them more adoptable. Good for the mental health of both dogs and inmates. It moves shelter dogs into homes since they are trained with basic commands and are made used to a more normalized living situation. Behavioral issues, which crop up due to lack of continuity and routine and made worse by the increased stress of shelter life, have been worked on before the adoption.
(Photos by REGINA H. BOONE/Detroit Free Press)

"Thanks to their stint at the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, the 10 former orphan hounds are now roll-over-and-rub-my-tummy certified Canine Good Citizens, ready to join new families in life outside the walls."

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