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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missing Dog in Mahopac, NY -- NOW FOUND!!!!!

UPDATE: Mia Bleu has been returned to her family after two weeks. Everyone is relieved!

Have you seen Mia Bleu?
If so, call 914-497-8425 or 914-557-9638

A family desperately searches with the communities help. Their dog, Mia Bleu, got away while being pet-sat. So often dogs get nervous about their owners leaving them, so they dart around until they find them. If you see this dog or have information, please call the number in the article.

"She loves kids and she loves other animals. Even though she is 85 pounds, she still considers herself a lap dog," Norman said about Mia Bleu, whom he received as a birthday gift from his wife last August. "But right now, she is probably very afraid and a little skittish."

He said Mia Bleu is friendly and approachable and asked that if anyone spots her that they call him, Norman Marques, at 914-497-8425 or at 914-557-9638, as soon as possible.

See the full article by Sarah Dunn for the Mahopac News for information.