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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Newly Rescued Dog Bolts From New Home - Crowne Point, Chicago

I've seen this happen so many times, including with Mr. Wiggins!

A dog recently adopted takes off. He/she is not bonded to the people yet, nor the home, and is afraid. They don't know what is happening or where they are. Their instinct is to run.

Please take extra care with dogs that are new to you. You are new to them. Here is a dog (from Crowne Point in Chicago) that has a new collar, which his owners took time to put on him, but sadly he is not so familiar with his new name. They did the right things, though, in taking steps to find him (signs, news article).

Beasley said her boyfriend took the dogs out in the kennel area in the backyard on March 14, and the dog got frightened and ran away.

The dog, which she had named Max, was wearing a green velvet collar and a red leash.

Max was among 17 dogs rescued from squalor at a home near Schneider on March 5; an additional 18 dogs, cats and puppies were found in the freezer. The owner, Vicki L. Moon, has been charged with 17 counts of misdemeanor animal neglect.

Beasley and several volunteers have searched for Max at several of the locations where he’s been spotted, and they’ve put up at least 300 fliers. She even brought out some of the other rescue dogs to help him pick up the scent.

He was most recently seen walking near the NIPSCO building at East and Clark streets.

If Max is spotted, Beasley said to call three contact numbers: 775-9362, 308-1949 and 769-7016. Her number is also on Max’s nametag.
The shelter is reporting on Max sightings on their Facebook page:

It's a good time to mention some ideas for finding lost pets:
  • Post Lost Cat or dog ads on (Community-Lost & Found section and Pets), (Local - Free Pet Classifieds), (Lost and Found), and on your Facebook page.
  • Check the Found ads daily from the sites above.
  • Post LOST DOG signs with REWARD on bright paper within a 2-mile radius of where dog was last seen.
And finally!
  • FACEBOOK!! All social media platforms. They have the power to network your lost dog in minutes.