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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Petty Officer Austin P. Walsh, 26, allegedly abused a 4-year old dachshund, nearly killing it.
Phone credit: Mugshot, Cook County.

This one is a heartbreaker. Regular readers will know that I love soldiers and I have supported them actively for years through Soldiers' Angels.

I love posting stories about dogs and soldiers, bringing together my two loves.

And I love dachshunds.

But, this guy is a Piece Of Shit. And he happens to be a naval officer.

And he's still a Piece of Shit.

I have decided that if  I have to choose, I am siding with the dogs, who cannot speak for themselves. And besides, this guy nearly killed his girlfriend's dog because they had a fight.  And, in the years I have written this blog and supported soldiers, I have never heard of a soldier conducting himself in this way. Soldiers are better than most people. They are the trouble shooters in the room, the problem solvers, the people you go to to get things done. They can withstand more than most people. And they secure our freedom.

However, this guy won't be getting any care packages!  Austin P. Walsh must be an affirmative action hire for the Navy; they had to have at least one dumb guy make officer.

Get the full story by Joshua-Paul Agnell of the Chicago Animal Welfafe Examiner.