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Friday, June 3, 2011

Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA)

From a New York Action Alert by Best Friends Animal Society:
CAARA would set minimum standards that would allow qualified rescue groups to recover animals from a shelter, spca, humane society or pound that are scheduled to be destroyed. Current New York law only allows for individuals to adopt form shelters, which gives the shelters the ability to deny qualified groups access to these pets.

Pets Alive Westchester also alerted me today. (They call CAARA "Oreo's Law").

Note from me: You may recall, there was a dog thrown from a roof in NYC, who ended up surviving but became extremely aggressive. ASPCA had custody of that dog, Oreo, and after a long while and many attempts at rehabilitating her, they felt it was best to euthanize her. I support ASPCA and I trust their decisions (more than the Humane Society of the United States, that's for sure), but I do think it wouldn't have been terrible for Oreo to go to a sanctuary. In rescue/shelter work, you often support groups who sometimes have strongly opposing views.

Back to Pets Alive Westchester's alert...


Oreo's Law (now CAARA) WILL "die" without your calls and letters!

On Monday or Tuesday, Oreo’s Law (now known as CAARA - Companion Animal Adoption & Rescue Act ) will be voted on by the New York State Assembly Agriculture Committee. But it is not likely to pass without a large showing of community support between now and then. That is because the opposition has been lobbying strongly against the bill once again. We told them last year we would NOT allow this to happen again.


"Where New York goes, SO GOES THE NATION."

CAARA would:

End “convenience” killing when there are empty cages and when animals can share kennels or be sent to foster care;

Require pounds to post strays, including photographs and descriptions, on the Internet so their families can search for them online;

Require transparency in operations by requiring shelters to make their statistics public ;

Require pounds to scan for microchips, maintain lost/found lists, and match lost with found animals in the shelter;

Require fresh food and water, environmental enrichment, clean living environments, as well as prompt and necessary veterinary care.

If CAARA is defeated, thousands upon thousands of cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, and other animals will continue to be needlessly killed in NYS shelters every year—animals CAARA has the power to save.

A statewide survey of NYS rescue groups found that over 70% were being turned away because the shelters were hostile to rescue groups, and then those shelters turned around and killed the very animals the rescuers were willing to save. We have experienced this time and time again, right here in Orange County, in our own backyard. Time and again we offer to take in animals that other local shelters are about to kill and they turn us away. THIS HAS TO STOP!


...even though Pets Alive offered to give her sanctuary.

Tragically, right doesn’t always defeat might. Sometimes the animals don't win. Sometimes they continue to get killed despite a readily available lifesaving and rescue alternative. Sometimes a feral kitten who a rescue group is willing to socialize and place in a loving home will instead get injected with poison from a bottle marked “fatal plus” and then dumped in a landfill. Sometimes a puppy who can go to rescue and be guaranteed a home will be killed instead. For their sake, please do not let this be one of those times. This may be the best chance we have as a generation to make a PURPOSEFUL POSITIVE impact for animals! We can change the world here folks - please. Help. This is critical. Time is of the essence. Don't think about it - take a few moments to send an email or make a call.

Please call & email Senator Ritchie & ask her to pass CAARA! 518-455-3438

Please post on your social media sites and ask your friends to do the same. You can find a sample letter here. (Please modify it into your own words). You can also cut and paste the following e-mails to your letter as well.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Because without you, the animals don't stand a chance.

This is Oreo. She was killed even though Pets Alive offered her sanctuary.

Don't let this happen to another animals.