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Thursday, June 16, 2011

POS Alert

Photo credit: Madison County Sheriff's Department
Collinsville, IL - Authorities arrested Denis Soto, 47 who lives on the 3200 block of Fairmont Ave. for felony animal abuse after he allegedly ordered his two German shepherds to kill a passing cat in front of neighborhood children.
Cheryl Hanna at Pet Rescue Examiner has the story. Notice he was charged with felony animal abuse. That represents effort on the part of some group of people to increase penaties to animal abusers. It's a painstaking process (changing legislation) but things are beginning to move in this direction.
Soto was charged with aggravated anmal cruelty and jailed on $15,000 bond. He was out of jail and home last night however has not returned any phone calls.

The cat died. She had no collar or identification, and it is not known if the cat was a stray or someone's pet.

Two of the children buried the cat.

So, the kids knew how to behave and the adult was the wrongdoer.

Hence the POS moniker.