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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hertz Good ~ Subway Bad

Pets Alive (from their Facebook page)
OMG!! just heard from HERTZ!! they are donating two vans and a pickup truck to Pets Alive!!!!! OMG I CANT BREATHE!! Thank you Hertz!

And, in strong contrast, here's subway.
This past Sunday (June 26th), Philadelphia Eagles superstar Micheal Vick, was awarded with the 2011 Subway Sportsman of the Year Award during the 2011 BET Awards which took place at L. A.’s famed Shrine Auditorium.
Here's a petition to let Subway know they are P'sOS, too.

Here's a fast place to complain directly to those who gave out the award.

And here is the contact info for Subway:

Subway Contact Information
Franchise World Headquarters
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA
Ph: 203.877.4281 -or-
Ph: 800.888.4848 has a question up for readers: should we let what Vick did go and "get over it?" Here's the link to leave your response.