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Friday, June 24, 2011

Missouri Compromise

As you know, the State of Missouri voted on Proposition B, which mandated greater protections of puppy mill dogs (dogs that eventually make it into puppy stores and which are usually bred under truly deplorable and inhumane conditions). Breeders objected and the Governor relented, basically taking the unprecedented step in nullifying a law voted on and approved by voters.

But then a public outcry happened and the governor had to deal once again.

A compromise came out of that dealing, and here is some commentary on the "Compromise Bill."

Of the additional protections in the original legislation, here is what remains:
-the animals must receive a yearly examination by a vet.
-they breeders must provide more space for their dogs.
I am in favor of compromise if only to get this work accomplished, but honestly, the Governor had no right to intervene in something the voters approved of. I'm sure somehow on the books (and apparentely so) it was legal, but voters in Missouri need to take that issue up with their legislature.