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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Justice for Buddy

Some time ago, a man named Clay Romero dragged a German shepherd mix, who was stolen from his owner's truck, behind his own truck until the dog died.
Buddy belonged to Sacha and Joe Leber of Delta. On Dec. 29, while the family was at a Delta restaurant, Buddy was stolen from the back of their pickup.
"We took Buddy everywhere," said Sacha Leber on Friday by phone. "I was shocked, sad and angry when we realized he was gone."

The family adopted Buddy from the Delta County Humane Society five years before his death.

In the years that followed, Buddy became a playmate for the Lebers' three children — Isaac, Owen and Alyssa.

"Buddy was the most kind, gentle, respectful dog, especially with our children," Leber said.

The man who stole Buddy and dragged him to death was sentenced to three years in prison.

Full story, by Howard Pankratz for The Denver Post: