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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hero Gets His Man

It's been a super busy time, with Mr. Wiggins having heart worm. More on that in another post. For now, revel in the world working as it should:

via CYNTHIA R. FAGEN for the New York Post:

...Rufus bit the Taliban terrorist on the leg as Target and Sasha barked furiously.

..Several soldiers -- unaware of the imminent danger -- tried shouting down the mutts. But the dogs continued barking, spooking the bomber into prematurely setting off 24 pounds of C4 explosives before he could get through the door -- and killing himself.

..."There isn't a doubt in my mind [that the dogs] saved my life," said Duke, who was wounded by shrapnel -- and is now adopting Rufus.
...It was the least he could do, he said. When Duke was homesick, Rufus picked up his spirits. And when Duke stood watch, Rufus hunkered down beside him.

...But Duke said he never thought he would see his canine pal again after finally returning stateside in March.
...That's when several nonprofit groups got involved.

"The dogs and the soldiers bonded in such a way that it would be a travesty to leave [the dogs] behind to fend for themselves in a war-torn area and the soldiers never knowing what happened to them," said Robert Misseri, of Robert's Cause, a nonprofit animal-advocacy group. "It's our mission to help these soldiers."
...Another good Samaritan, Anna Canaan, 23, whose fiancé, Christopher Chiasson, is a soldier currently stationed at the same Afghan outpost in the Dand aw Patan district, created the Puppy Mission Rescue Facebook page to help the dogs.

...Today, Rufus arrives in Manhattan before flying to Augusta, Ga., where he will spend the rest of his years with Duke and his wife, who is pregnant. Target, being flown out at the same time, will live in Phoenix with the Army medic who saved her life.

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