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Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Fine Mess

....  by another fine dog-loving organization!

Meet Pets for Vets!

I have had my eye on this group via facebook for a while.  They pair dogs from shelters with veterans who may benefit from the love of a therapy dog.

Because I am in the mood for dessert first today (Renaldo and Mr. Wiggins just joined me for a ride to the all-wonderful CARVEL store -- where they get their own vanilla cup of soft serve ice cream), I will post the "messy" part first.
“I have been owned by Scarlett for 1 week now. In that week we have: cleaned up poop from our living room 9 times, and a class room once. Barked in History class, eaten through my back pack, eaten through our easy-walk collar, bitten 2 rats, slept on the dining room table twice, stood on the computer once. Scratched Mommy to roast beef, made Mommy chase me 3 times when I got away, chewed on 4 pairs of shoes, slept on clean laundry, and torn up 3 used fabric softener sheets. Walked 20 miles, eaten pizza crust, pig ears and all of our bully sticks, a cow ear, 4 rawhide bones, and a baked potato. Made a mess in the therapist’s office, got loose and wreaked havoc in the university chow hall, gotten Mommy kicked out of yoga and we couldn’t be happier.”

For the full story, click here:

For full scoop on Pets for Vets, here's a tidbit:

The Pets for Vets goal is to match rescued companion dogs (or pets) with American veteran owners providing a second chance for both the veteran and the dog (or pet).

The Pets for Vets team interviews each veteran to ascertain exactly what he or she is looking for in a companion animal; we pair this with his or her personality and lifestyle to make the perfect pet/veteran match.

Once the perfect pet is selected for the veteran, he/she then spends time in the home of our trainer who teaches him/her basic obedience and other valuable behaviors needed to live with his/her new owner. This can include becoming comfortable with wheel chairs or behaviors needed to help with PTSD and TBI.

Your support helps us match a rescued companion dog (or pet) with an American veteran who would benefit from having a companion. In accomplishing this mission, we do not want to create an additional burden on the veteran; with each dog/veteran match we provide all of the necessary equipment for them to start their new life together. In addition, the pet will be healthy and up to date on all vaccinations. Your donation helps to ensure they have everything they need.

How you can help them get it done (it's more than giving money, though that is important!)

I have added this important organization to the "Good Orgs" link on the left side of this page. And, I just bought the coolest shirt from their store, with a nifty discount of 17.76% off (that sale ends today).

Please pass this info along. Thanks!