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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What To Look For Regarding Dog Fighting, by Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

via Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue:

Dog fighters come in any class. They can be Doctor's, Lawyer's and Police Officer's. They can be of any race rich or poor.

It is important to never overlook what might being going on with "Pit Bulls" in your area.

Some people are surprised when I mention a Police Officer being a dog fighter. Yes it is very true.

There are gangs out there. Using these precious dogs for status symbols. They think they are really doing something by using a dog for fighting. I think it is really low and I am not impressed by their so called actions.

The owners who care and love this type of dog have really got to keep their eyes open.

Keep your eyes open for the following:

Dogs with ears cropped so short they look like that have none.

Dogs with heavy thick metal chains around them.

Heavy traffic in and out of a home. At differnt times of the day or night.

Basement windows that are boarded up or blackened out.

Old abandoned sheds, or garages.

A dog that appears to have a lot of scarring on the face.

Fighting dogs are kept very far apart. If you walk into an area and see several dog spots but they are very far apart. Keep this in mind: What are you looking at?

As a rescue person these are things I keep in mind when someone wants to adopt a dog.

I will also use my common senses. How is this peron speaking to me. I have had calls that sounded just like a gang members talking to me. I will use the same quetion but reverse the question. I will find people lieing to me.

Dog fighting is not a sport! It is animal cruelty and we live in world where children and adults need to be educated on this.

When one person or more makes a dog or puppy fight that is making them only do what the owner wants them to do.

Keeping these "Pit Bull" dogs out of the wrong hands is what many of us want. Even breeders should be more alert and into seeking out the people who are purchasing puppies from them.

Craigslist is a good tool! But it is where many bad people find a free dog. No one thinks that dog is going to end up dog fighting.

Free to a good home! Is the wrong way to go about finding a home for any breed of dog.

Mecca Stanley

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

United APBT