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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Folks, don't leave your dogs outside in weather like this. Please.

Here's an idiot who did. Her little dog froze to death.

SANDY HAYSLETT, 291 Morton Road in Vermilion, Ohio
VERMILION, OH (WOIO) - A pet owner was arrested Sunday afternoon after leaving two dogs outside in the frigid temps overnight causing one dog's death.

The Vemilion Police Department responded to 291 Morton Road for a report of animal cruelty. A caller reported two dogs were being kept in the back yard of the residence and that it looked like one of the dogs had died.

Investigators arrived on scene and spoke with the homeowner, 38-year-old Sandy Hayslett who allowed them onto her property for inspection.

The officers entered the backyard and observed a small dog that was deceased and appeared to have frozen to death. The dog's owner said it was Shih Tzu approximately 2-3 years old.

Officers inspected the backyard and noted improper shelter, food and water for the dogs, especially given the extremely cold temperatures. According to the dog owner, they are always kept outside.

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