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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Further Developments on Missing Mount Vernon Dogs

Apparently the "volunteer" was so for a very short time, a long while back, and in special, limited circumstances (I did not get further elaboration). Sometimes, a person serving community service does their bit at an animal shelter. I do not know if that happened in this circumstance but it is possible. At any rate, the current real Mount Vernon Animal Shelter volunteers are upset the press and police have pointed the finger at "a current volunteer."

So, for the record, the person charged and arrested has not been at the shelter in some time, but I bet he/she got a good lay-of-the-land while spending any time there at all. And instead of working like the rest of us they decided to sell some stolen dogs.

Also, we think the black and white pit that is missing may have been spotted. Yonkers Animal Shelter, where I volunteer, sent its people out to try and find him but had no luck. Here is a bit about what we know.

One of the missing Mount Vernon dogs, Brooklyn:
A woman just called the tip line from the train going through Yonkers. She saw a black and white pit sitting in an open field south of Ludlow Station. It looked lost and was all alone, between the water and rail tracks. We had the Yonkers Shelter go down to that area and they had no luck finding him. Please, if anyone is in the area, see if you can find him. We will be giving reward money to anyone who gets him. His name is Brooklyn and I will attach a picture
We called both the Mount Vernon and Yonkers Police and both said they would not respond and help us so we really need to spread the word.
PLEASE share this info and if you can help  look for the three missing dogs or have any information, please call Allison at 914-837-6205.