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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gaston County North Carolina Proposes Eliminating Dog Adoption, Relying on Euthanization Only

Every so often, an animal control person reverts back to the old days. Can you please send these guys some messages, to let them know we are watching?

I find North Carolina is one of the worst states in animal adoption. No doubt they are inundated with puppies; I see it in all the adoption "urgent" postings. But I think they rely way too much on euthanization and not enough on adoption, nor on controlling puppymills, which breed far more dogs than are needed (and do so in appauling conditions).

I got this from Facebook:

Mr. Horton at animal control has proposed for his budget cut to do away with the adoption program and rely on euth. Please spread the word and write our County Commissioners. He wants to buy a new animal control truck. This is going to set Gaston County back years if this passes. I was told that they well surpassed their adoption percentage this year.


Reggie Horton

County Manager Jan Winters

Chief of Police William Farley

County commissioners: John Torbett

Joe Carpenter

Allen Fraley, Vice Chair

Tom Keigher

Donnie Loftis

Mickey Price, Chairman

Tracy Philbeck

County Attorney Charles Moore -

Assistant County Attorney Sam Shames

Gaston County Tourism! 1-800-849-9994

From county document:

Function: Public Safety Department: Animal Control

Tentative FY 11 Budget: $1,616,366 County Dollars: 55.3% FY 10 Highlights:

• Operating increase for maintenance and equipment for facility in order to comply with State guidelines

• Financing of 1 Animal Control Truck


• Calls per Officer in FY 09 were at 2,448, up 20.5% from 2,032 in FY 06

• The number of animal control calls is projected for FY 10 to be 27,737, an increase from 25,822 in FY 08 (7.42%)

Animal Control’s reduction of 1% under the FY 10 Adopted Budget equates to a reduction of $6,400. For this reduction to be absorbed, Animal Control proposes:

• Eliminating the Adoption Program - $2,714

• Relying more on Carbon Monoxide - $3,925

• Deeper Reductions proposed by Animal Control are related to the privatization of kennel operations. Much groundwork is necessary to fully explore the possibility, due to time constraints only the 1% below FY 10 reductions are brought to the BOC.

xoxo (please make a few calls and send a few emails)