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Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Miriam Fowler Smith, of 410 John Worthy Road, Pacolet Mills, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This has been in the news all week but I had two other yahoos to post about. Various news organizations have the story but I link here to Care2Make A Difference
Pacolet Mills, South Carolina - Multiple news sources have reported a disturbing story out of South Carolina. Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, will face felony animal cruelty charges for the brutal killing of a dog.

The dog, a Pit bull named Diamond, was strangled with an electrical cord and then burned because she had "chewed" on Smith's Bible which had been left outside on the porch.

The dog belonged to Miriam Smith's nephew, Andy Fowler. According to reports, Smith admitted to killing the dog because she chewed on her Bible and she believed that the dog was a "devil dog" that could harm neighborhood children.

The dog was just one year of age. According to one report, Diamond lived on a chain in the yard.

Authorities found Diamond buried under a mound of grass on Smith's property. The orange cord was still around the dog's partially burned body that still smelled of kerosene.

Such sad irony to this news....Miriam Fowler Smith believed that the dog was a danger to others. By her cruel actions, it seems that Miriam is the danger to society. Normal people do not hang dogs and burn them with kerosene.