Now more than ever, you are needed to donate your old blankets, towels, and sheets to your local animal shelter. With financial cut-backs, repairs on shelters are often put off, so if it's drafty, the animals suffer. I know my shelter uses rags to stuff under doors. No kidding! Empty out those closets... this is your chance to get rid of stuff and do something useful!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please Help Me Rescue Olive

The shelter where I volunteer is fuller than I have ever seen it. We have dogs everywhere. Recently about seven dogs were put down, something that takes place a couple times a year as it's a low kill shelter, but we have another sad weekend coming up. All the volunteers are feeling anxiety about who is on the list. This is what shelters across the country face when they must euthanize just for space. Perfectly good pets that are basically just homeless and are out of time.

One dog named Olive has been there a while. She is beloved and a real sweetie. I've bonded with Olive these last couple of months, and I can tell you she's just waiting for someone to make her their lap dog. The shelter is down a road with auto repair stores and a Con Edison (electric) building. We have no grass areas and the place is basically duct taped together. It's sad to see a dog try to roll in four inches of weeds because that's their only option. Thank God for the regular volunteers that come each week (many come both Saturday and Sunday) to give these dogs a walk. Having contact each week with people is important to the dogs, socializes them, and makes/keeps them adoptable.

Back to Olive. This past Sunday I learned from a volunteer friend who wanted to prepare me for next week's "list" that Olive might be on it. I sat with her for longer than usual, and cried. She licked my face and nose. I sat with her again later in the day and wished I could do something to save her. That day two volunteers who have been personally working with one dog they got into a boarding/rescue situation happily announced their rescue has an adopter! 

Who can stand by and do nothing when you see an opening to save a dog?

So I am taking a risk and assuming the initial vetting and boarding costs involved with saving Olive. Each month will cost approximately $360 to board her. She will be nearby so we can visit her, and a group of us are focused on getting her adopted (posting flyers, networking her through rescues, and posting her on facebook). I hope you will join me. Here is a link to a chip in, where you can use paypal or another credit card if you care to make a donation.

Thanks very much for considering. I'm working on getting a close up of her and hopefully some video.