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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lab Dogs and introducing Beagle Freedom Project

That's as in laboratory dogs, not "lap dogs."

According to KTLA news,  there are 70,000 dogs used in research testing in laboratories across the country.

Here's a story about a dog that made it out. Her name is Libby. PETA has the story. Recently they were instrumental in shutting down a testing lab in North Carolina and four of its workers were indicted for animal cruelty.

Here another story about lab dogs, which are mostly beagles, because of their good disposition.
"The people using animals in testing like the beagle because they are small dogs, friendly and docile," Rajt (Lindsey Rajt of PETA) said. "They can be manipulated."
I am impressed by the founder of the Beagle Freedom Project, who has created a relationship with the laboratory in the story that calls her when they are ready to release a dog. That would be a hard road to travel. A Facebook rescue buddy of mine in Staten Island has a relationship with some Amish farmers, from whom she takes dogs they used for breeding but no longer want. (Yes, the Amish are big puppymillers, with no oversight, BTW). It's hard on her too, but she does it. The dogs are always in terrible shape.

Just last month, nine beagles were made available. Forty-eight hours later, the animals were in her possession.

"They were so scared it took them at least 15 minutes to even step on the grass," Keith (who heads of Beagle Freedom Project) told KTLA.

"They had never felt grass, never been outdoors, never seen the sun. It was bittersweet."

Now, those dogs are running around and happy, but Keith says there are thousands more still living in cages and being tested on.

This is tough minded work.

Here's the groups website if you'd like to learn more about their work and make a donation.
The Beagle Freedom Project says the best way to take a stand against animal testing is to be more aware of the products you buy.

For a guide to companies that do and do not test on animals, visit:

Looks like Beagle Freedom Project is having an adoption day this weekend. If you're in the Hollywood California area, check it out. Info is on their website.

Sunday, July 24th from 11am-3pm
Come meet our beagles and other rescues!
Healthy Spot in West Hollywood
8525 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069