Now more than ever, you are needed to donate your old blankets, towels, and sheets to your local animal shelter. With financial cut-backs, repairs on shelters are often put off, so if it's drafty, the animals suffer. I know my shelter uses rags to stuff under doors. No kidding! Empty out those closets... this is your chance to get rid of stuff and do something useful!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year at Yonkers Animal Shelter

via Paws and Claws of LoHudBlogs, a note from Leslie, Volunteer Extraordinaire at Yonkers Animal Shelter:
Was just thinking about the different Yonkers dogs who were fortunate enough to find good homes this year, and I must say that there were quite a few.  In fact, I think you could say “a lot.”
However, of all the dogs who were lucky, this little guy says it best!!!

This is Rocky. He is about 6 months old and was at the shelter since he was a tiny puppy. We worried that he would grow into an adult before he was adopted, as adoptions were a little slow this summer and fall.  He is the sweetest, friendliest fellow, and would make a great addition to any family. Little did we know that, just around the holidays, a wonderful young couple would travel all the way from Massachusetts to adopt this little guy.

We always hope the dogs will be happy. Some people keep in touch, some send nice pictures, BUT this picture left nothing to the imagination. Take a look at this boy in mid air saying THANK YOU Jenna and Brian for becoming my folks and thank you Yonkers Animal Shelter for taking such good care of me until my forever family found me!!!



xoxo (We were blessed at Yonkers Animal Shelter to have a lot of people give pit bulls (and other dogs) a chance. Many dogs were adopted. Happy New Year!)