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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dog Abuse Must Stop

I'm really seeing an untick in abuse of dogs, or else it's an uptick in the reporting. Either way, it's time we all start making noise about it to our local legislators and demand and expect that punishments start getting a lot stiffer. I would love to see citizens start picketing the homes of folks that do stuff like this.

Pit Bull Found Chained By Weights On Locked Patio

Another case, this one in the Twin cities:

A Hudson man accused of putting a soup ladle in a dog's rear end, leading to the dog's death, faces the possibility of prison after he was charged this week with a felony. Ladle pierced colon, leading to euthanasia...

And yet another case:

Man faces charges in dog's brutal death
...the accused: William R. Jones Jr., 55, in Oakland Park, Florida.

And another case:

Rescued abused dog might recover

Animal control officials said the dog was malnourished and 15 pounds underweight. According to the warrant filed against Erby, the dog had a skin infection which went untreated and developed into demodectic mange. She was too weak to raise her head or walk, the warrant stated. In addition, officials said motor oil had been poured all over the dog's coat.

"They said they were treating her mange with motor oil which is an old wives tail," said Gina Pratt, one of the rescuers from the Animal Adoption League in Rock Hill.
They washed Hope three times to remove the motor oil from her coat.
The accused: 42-year-old Karen Erby, of Rock Hill, South Carolina.
And another case:
Owner Of Dog Sled Operation Accused Of Abusing Dog
Krabloonik Owner Denies He Punched Dog
The accused: Dan MacEachen of Snowmass Village of Colorado, who, it seems has has been mentioned in three previous articles having to do with dog abuse.
They are here: