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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Former Shelter Dog Rescues Three Girls From Rubble

via Mary Bushnell for the St. Louis Pets Examiner:

Search Dog Foundation

A rescue dog and his firefighter handler found three girls alive buried under four feet of concrete five days after the massive earthquake devastated Haiti. Hunter, a border collie, alerted to the girls buried deep in the rubble. They would not have been found otherwise.

Hunter is part of a wonderful group I heard about called the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. What I love about this group, is that they take shelter dogs to train. Some of these dogs are pulled from shelters right before being euthanized. Being killed for lack of a home, these dogs not only get a second chance but prove time and time again that shelter dogs are not only great pets, but that they can also be heroes.

Bill Monahan and Hunter
Photo: Eliot Crowley

Hunter and his handler Bill, continue to search as do all seven of the task forces from the Foundation presently in Haiti. You can keep up with them by going to