Now more than ever, you are needed to donate your old blankets, towels, and sheets to your local animal shelter. With financial cut-backs, repairs on shelters are often put off, so if it's drafty, the animals suffer. I know my shelter uses rags to stuff under doors. No kidding! Empty out those closets... this is your chance to get rid of stuff and do something useful!

Friday, August 27, 2010

No Pet Left Behind

During this Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, let us remember some of the good that came out of the bad.

The Federal PETS Act of 2006
Because of the public outcry after Katrina, States across the nation are following suit because of the groundbreaking federal Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006. The PETS Act, as it is called, mandates local governments to include household pets in their disaster plans, ensuring that pets will never again be left behind. The measure sent a clear message to local and state governments that what happened in New Orleans should never happen again, because people will put their own lives in jeopardy to stay with their pets.
Via Best Friends Animal Society: