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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Give Richard Travers in Daytona Beach Your Input

Every so often, I publish someone's information that has been charged with abusing a dog. While I do not wish any harm to come to them, I wish heartily for pressure to be put on them, grief to be given, and in general, for life to become a pain in the ass.

Meet Richard Travers, of Volusia County, Florida, who lives at 1460 General McArthur Avenue.

Our model citizen first accused an anonymous black man of coming into his yard and hitting his dog with a stick, but it turns out that was a tall tale. In fact, a neighbor saw Travers hitting his dog, a pit-labrador mix named Dixie, and strangeling her, one day after his fiancee told him their relationship was over. Reports say Dixie was unable to walk or get up. Now she is in the care of a vet but her condition is unknown.

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