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Monday, August 2, 2010

ASPCA Needs Our Help Today To Pass Animal Fighting Bill in NY

Animal fighting is already a felony in New York state, but being a spectator at a fight is merely a “violation” that results in no criminal record.  A piece of legislation is in the works to make attending a dog fight a felony.

While the State Senate has passed its version of the bill, the Assembly has not, and Assembly leadership still has not scheduled this important legislation, A. 6287-B, for a floor vote.

The Assembly will return this month—possibly as early tomorrow—to complete unfinished business. We need to ask for your help one more time to get this bill over the finish line.

What You Can Do

Even if you contacted your assemblymember after our last email, please take a moment to do so again today.

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center ( to fax your assemblymember to request that he or she (1) support A. 6287-B to make animal fight attendance a misdemeanor, and (2) urge Assembly leadership to post this important humane bill for a floor vote.

NY A. 6287-B/S. 3926-A—Increased Penalty for Attending an Animal Fight

Sponsors: Assemblyman Joseph Lentol/Senator Toby Ann Stavisky

ASPCA Position: Support

Action Needed: Please fax your assemblymember to request that he or she (1) support A. 6287-B, and (2) urge Assembly leadership to schedule this important humane bill for a floor vote when the Assembly returns in the beginning of August to complete unfinished business. Even if you have sent this fax before, please do so again.

Thank you, New York!

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