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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Medical Technology For Dogs

Two veternarians are teaming up to provide stem cell transplants (using the dog's own fat cells,) to improve the quality of their life and repair painful conditions like athritis.

Randolph veterinarian uses new stem cell therapy on ailing pets
Michael Hutchinson is a veterinarian from the Pittsburgh suburb of Cranberry Township, Pa.

He is the leading practitioner of animal stem cell regeneration in the United States, having performed the procedure on about 100 dogs, cats and even horses since 2008. Although the procedure is approved only for animal ailments such as hip dysplasia, arthritis and ligament injuries, it is providing some hope of uncovering solutions to medical problems afflicting humans as well as cats, dogs and horses.

"When I began working with this, I would have stopped at one or two if it did not work. I’m seeing results all the time," Hutchinson said.

..."The basic procedure involves taking fat from the dog, extracting stem cells and injecting those stem cells back into the dog," said Brian T. Voynick, owner and director of the Randolph hospital.

See full story by Brian T. Murray of the Star Ledger and via

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