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Thursday, October 15, 2009

News Round Up

The Swedes have an idea. Not sure I love it but then I feed the squirrels outside my window.  They come each morning for their peanuts, to the consternation of my super. (Warning: dead rabbits in photo but not graphic).

This lady ought to be remembered. Thank you, Bevie Wilson.

Sad news about little Teddy from Rolling Dog Ranch. I hope he's with Bevie. Leave a comment for the nice people at the ranch, for they are truly angels.

In New York City:

via Paws n' Claws:

Also via Paws n' Claws:

Get your FREE Pet Safety Pack:
Thanks ASPCA!

And, two notes about upcoming posts.  I will be doing a series about dogs and veterans and/or soldiers.  If you know of a good group, send them my way. I do have some lined up to discuss but I wouldn't mind listing a few (or more than a few) good organizations here.  I also will be starting a series about pitbulls who are adopted and share with you the stories their owners share with me. Maybe not every story will be about pitbulls, but they sure are a maligned breed.  I never realized.