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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Danny Bampton

A while back I posted about a young man - Danny Bampton - who stopped to help a duck get across a road. He died, sadly and tragically, when another car accidentially hit him as he made his way back across the road. Danny's dad contacted me recently to clarify the reports of his son's death. Some news outlets distorted the story and it added pain on top of what there already was. Please keep this family in your prayers.

A note from Danny's Dad:


I just read the short intro you added in Shelter Tails to the article dated Aug 23rd regarding Dannys death on Aug 19th. I just wanted to thank you for the kind words. There was and I guess still is a lot of misinformation floating around in cyberspace.
My son was not riding a bike, my wife did not stop on the road and Highway P is not a busy multilane highway. It is just a country black top two lane road with hardly any traffic especially in the middle of the afternoon. It was also straight and nearly level where the accident took place.
My wife was going to a cousin’s house to pick them up to go to a swimming party. She pulled in their driveway. Dan saw the duck and jumped out of the parked vehicle. At this time, a car coming from the west stopped on the road to let the duck cross. Dan went to get the duck off of the road. After he set the duck down on the other side, the stopped car slowly started taking off. Dan waited for the car to pass him and started going back to the other side of the road. But as that car started pulling away, it created a blind spot for the east bound car and he ran right out in front of it.

His loss is more than we can stand at times. It’s the most devastating thing that could ever happen to a parent. We miss him painfully.

Thanks again.
Dan’s dad

Rest in Peace, Danny.