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Sunday, May 23, 2010

John The Dog Has Mange...

John has been rescued!  He is being taken by a bulldog rescue on Long Island! I don't have more details yet but when I do I will share them. Thanks for all your support. All donations made to John's treatment will be donated to the rescue for the same purpose. They are assuming a great cost to take him in. I'm just glad he will have a loving home now, and not die a sad death in a shelter.

John has been given a slight reprieve! We need to get this moeny raised so he can be adopted out, with a committment of the treatment costs since they are exorbitent. There may be a home for him in CT!

Click the NEW video link below!

Mange can be treated! (as a child we adopted an English sheepdog named Ollie, and don't you know he had the mange!)  But the treatment is expensive. There is a chip in and I've linked it below. Please do what you can to help. As with anything I post, I've contributed something to this effort, as well.

This is John:

JOHN IS SO SPECIAL ... HE BARELY HAS A HAIR LEFT ON HIS BODY, THE DEMODECTIC MANGE HAS TAKEN SUCH A TOLL ON THIS VERY SWEET DOG ... this is John, a three year old Bulldog, who looks sort of a prehistoric creature right now because of severe hair loss due to mange. He has probably suffered his entire three years on earth to get to this point, so now we want him not only not to suffer one minute longer, but to have a wonderful, safe life.

...We think he's part bulldog, part gremlin, he has that great, hunky chunky roly poly body and those feet? Right now they're a little sore from the mange, but they're like pladderpuss feet! Maybe he's part dinosaur! John is three years old and weighs a solid 50 lbs.
Please give WHATEVER you can, every dollar counts, to his chip in:

John is at Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn, New York.


John the dog from Paula Jean on Vimeo.