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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chip in for Jack


I find a lot of dog related content on face book and recently I came across what I think is a fine idea.
A chip in. As in, if you want a way to help but don't have the time to make a longer term commitment, or happen to appreciate direct action, one way is to help with a short term need for money called a chip in. It's not an organizational thing; it's to an individual who is transporting a dog, or to a vet that is boarding a dog or giving it care after it's been rescued from some bad situation.

If you go to the link provided, you will see the classic fundraising thermometer, the progress made, the people who have given, the details of how the money is slated to be used. Instead of giving it to a group, which is not bad, certainly, this is meeting a short term need.  Once the need disappears, it's done. An organization has to pivot and adjust to the next thing, and they do, but a part of me that has a masters degree in needs-assessing non-profits likes the rapid response aspect of this and the short term action needed and met.

The question becomes, but do I know these people and how do I know they will do the right thing with the money? The answer is that you don't know them, but someone whose information you trust does, and they are presenting this for your consideration.

Take a look at an effort for a dog named Jack. Jack is the ubiquitous black pitbull mix. He was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina - a high-kill facility. He needed vet care, received it, and now he is being boarded at the vet. That costs money, and the sooner he can get to his committed foster situation, the better.  The foster will socialize Jack with the other pets there, train him if he needs it, and help make him a more suitable choice for adoptable pet when the right person comes along. This has become the way a lot of perfectly wonderful dogs are handled. The alternative is they'd be put down for lack of space.

If you are so inclined to see Jack receive some help, perhaps you will consider a contribution. Here is the info.

***Please share and cross post!! WE NEED TRANSPORT FOR JACK!! Saved from sure death at Robeson and vetted, NOW needs a ride to his foster home!! Been trying all week to no avail!! Someone please help get him to his new home!! I have created this note in the hopes we can get transport put together for him!!

We also need help with his expenses. Here is the chip in:
Jack is currently in boarding at South Robeson Vet Clinic. His boarding was up on Friday but a kind individual paid for another few days of boarding for him. Desperately need help getting him transported. Transport info is as follows:

Jack will need to be picked up from South Robeson Vet Clinic, 9464 Nc Highway 41 S, Fairmont, NC 28340-5914, phone: (910) 628-7178

He needs to be transported to North Sunset St , Atkinson, NC 28421 ...

I will give the house number in a private email to whoever is able to help with the last part of transport.

I have made this note available to everyone so that anyone can post. I need to get this worked out asap as he has already been in boarding for a week. Please share and cross post this note so we can get Jack to his new home. Thanks.


xoxo (Good luck to Jack)