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Sunday, February 28, 2010

News Round Up

via Paw Nation:

Pet have bad breath? It may not just be rotting teeth.

Read this story:

A recommendation:
Normally I don't campaign for a lot of products here, but this one is fantastic. It's enzymatic toothpaste, that is, the enzymes in it eat the bacteria that cause bad breath. I use a baby toothbrush on my little guy.

It's even on sale at the moment. Great stuff. Read the reviews!  I use the CET chews, too. He loves them, and with the toothpaste, his teeth have not needed to be professionally cleaned in the three years I have him. I get it through 1-800-Pet Meds. 


Sixth grader writes book to promote adoption of shelter dogs:

Meet Ally Del Monte, young person extraordinaire:
Ally decided to tap her writing and artistic talents to promote the benefits of adopting dogs from shelters or rescue organizations rather than buying them from pet stores or breeders.

Have you met Shorty, the Pit Boss? I love this show, even though he's loud and a little obnoxious. It's clear he loves the dogs.

Interview with Shorty, aka Pit Boss, via Paw Nation:
Shorty Rossi, the star of the new reality series, "Pit Boss," may be one of Animal Planet's most colorful characters. He runs Shortywood Productions, a talent management company in Los Angeles, Calif. representing actors who are, like Rossi, little people. He readily admits to having served time in prison for gang-related felonies, but that's all in the past. For the past nine years, Rossi has been rescuing pit bulls, a breed with which he fell in love while growing up in the housing projects of South Central Los Angeles.
Recently, Rossi spoke with Paw Nation about his new show, why he loves pit bulls, and what you should know about little people.

Read the whole interview:

Dachshund saves the day!
"Our dog saved our house," said Diane Urquhart, who lives in a trailer at the Chinook Mobile Home Park with her husband, and four of their kids.
The couple and three of the children were home when an outlet in 11-year-old Kalen's room apparently started overheating around 1 a.m. Sunday.

Kalen was asleep, but JoJo kept coming out of the room to bug the adults. They couldn't figure out what he wanted. He'd been fed and had already gone outside, Urquhart said.

"He came out to see us four times, then kept going back into our daughter's room," she said.

Urquhart said JoJo's ears usually tell his story — if he's happy, hungry or done something wrong. But this time was different.
Read the whole story via The Seattle Times:

via the Richmond-Times Dispatch: a real piece of work.
A former Richmond sheriff's deputy faces up to 28 years in prison after his conviction yesterday on multiple dogfighting and cruelty charges.
David W. Robinson, 38, whose Henrico County property contained 21 pit bulls, most of them in emaciated condition and some with their teeth filed to knifelike sharpness, will be sentenced May 27.
Also -- just cause I like that it lists his address:
Robinson, of the 6400 block of Miller Road in eastern Henrico, had been a Richmond sheriff's deputy for six years as of April 16 last year, when Henrico Animal Protection officer J.E. Carlson responded to a complaint at Robinson's home and discovered evidence that eventually led to Robinson's arrest
Read the whole story here:

And here's his sorry-ass picture:

And here's a good story: (Former Sheriff Robinson might note the pink boa, for he may find himself wearing one soon).

via USA Today, by Sharon L. Peters:

Little Mama wound up homeless at a young age, the details of which will never be known. But she was picked up wandering the streets by animal control in Philadelphia. It was clear she'd had puppies (barely beyond puppyhood herself) though her offspring were never found. Maybe her first owner wanted puppies and not the mother who brought them into the world; maybe Little Mama got booted out when she got pregnant. In any case, she was taken to the city holding facility, and quickly won over everyone.

Read the whole story here:
Pet Talk: 6th time's the charm for rescued dog finding a home -