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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doggie DNA Testing

I keep hearing about having DNA tests performed on dogs. Various blogs have posted about it. I'm adding the link here of a neat blog that is run by veternarians and which provides a lot of good info. They had a post about it yesterday. I may get the little man done!

via Pet Connection:
Now, knowing what breeds make up your mixed-breed dog won’t make you love him any more. It won’t make it easier to scoop up after him, either. But it can help owners of a new pet make a better guess about his potential behavior issues and traits, and it can also put them on the lookout for possible breed-related health problems.
Of course, for most pet owners, the main appeal of these new DNA tests is finding out if their guess is right. I know when Wisdom Panel asked me to be their spokesperson last year, I couldn’t wait to test my dog Quixote, who we’d been told was a mix of Papillon, Poodle, and Yorkie.
As Pet Connection readers might remember, whoever told us that was wrong. Turns out his DNA came from a Pomeranian, a Chihuahua and a Yorkie. In other words, a Porkahuahua.