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Monday, December 14, 2009

RIP, James Delorey

via CBC News:  I wish I had better news to share.
Hundreds of people — many of them strangers — gathered Monday in Sydney, N.S., for the funeral of a seven-year-old Cape Breton boy who died after wandering away from his home just before a snowstorm.
...The boy's dog, Chance, was led into the church behind the casket. Chance sat in the front passenger seat of the hearse and could be seen poking his head out the window as the funeral procession made its way through the neighbourhood.

There was an imprint in the snow next to where James was found, where Chance had apparently huddled with the boy to keep him warm.

An emotional Paul Vienneau, the search commander for Cape Breton Search and Rescue, could barely speak as he described the funeral as "very sombre, very heartbreaking."
"I believe there was a miracle, yes. There was a miracle and then … he became a Christmas angel."
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xoxo (Rest in peace, sweet child).  Please send up prayers for this family.