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Monday, December 7, 2009

7-Year Old Boy Missing in Nova Scotia With His Dog

Folks, major prayers are needed.  I went to bed thinking about this one last night and woke up hoping they'd have news to share, but he hasn't been found yet.

From the article, via The Chronicle Herald in CA:

Storm hampers searchers
Volunteers scour C.B. woods for autistic boy, 7, and his dog

By LAURA FRASER Cape Breton Bureau

James was last seen playing with Chance in the backyard of 41 Kennel Lane at about 2:15 p.m. Saturday. Both the boy and the Dalmatian-mix were gone shortly after that and police believe the pair is still together.
Added to the difficulties is the fact that James is autistic and does not speak. Everyone is hoping the dog and he are together, and volunteers are calling out for the dog, Chance, because they are afraid James will not answer them when they call.


xoxo (Prayers up for James Delorey and his dog, Chance. God bless them and their family, and may the search be successful).