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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


via the Daily News:

This one hits close to home.  Not only is the perp a piece of shit, but so is the judge.

Richard Harbus for News
Cherika Alvarez became the target of widespread scorn after her arrest for leaving the dog alone in a Bronx apartment following her November 2009 eviction.

The starving dog ate garbage, razor blades, wood chips and ketchup packets in a desperate effort to stay alive before dying after six weeks alone in the apartment, authorities said....
Prosecutors in the case asked for 30 days behind bars and 30 days of community service, although the judge said that sentence wasn't necessary.
Here's another picture of POS Alvarez, this one from the Pet Abuse Registry.  Get a good look, so if you bump into her you can tell her what a trashy thing she is.

Remember Suzie's Law, in North Carolina, where this exact behavior (neglect that resulted in the starvation or torture of an animal) became a Class H Felony, and as such carries mandatory jail?  North Carolina, which still gasses it's animals to euthanize them, and has far fewer spay-neuter programs than enlightened New York?!

Here is what the ASPCA found when they got to the house of POS Cherika Alvarez.

And the Judge?

"Hon." Robert A. Sackett
Sullivan County Supreme Court
414 Broadway
Monticello, NY 12701
(718) 618-3666

Here is another case, where this POS judge ended up apologizing to the victim whom he forced to testify about sexual abuse in court.
The 15-year-old girl testified that the defendant had "grabbed" her breasts, but she later used the words "touched' and "fondled" to describe the contact.

"Could you stand up and dramatize with your hands what he did to your breasts?" Judge Sackett said, according to a transcript of the March case. "Act it out. You can stand up."

"It's a little embarrassing," the victim said.
Pieces of shit, both of them.  She faced up to one year in jail, but the "Honorable" Judge Sackett let neglect that resulted in a starvation of an animal go scott free.