Now more than ever, you are needed to donate your old blankets, towels, and sheets to your local animal shelter. With financial cut-backs, repairs on shelters are often put off, so if it's drafty, the animals suffer. I know my shelter uses rags to stuff under doors. No kidding! Empty out those closets... this is your chance to get rid of stuff and do something useful!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Well Done!

Anytime a kill-shelter has a 96% rate of adoption in a month, it's worth noticing!

Williamson County, TX - The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter ended the month with a 96% lifesaving rate! Last month, they took in over 500 animals and only had to euthanize 19. WCRAS, in conjunction with the other regional shelters and the local Humane Society are trying to make Williamson County a No Kill community, where only animals that are sick and suffering, or dangerous animals that cannot be rehabilitated, are euthanized.
Now, I do not know how they categorized "dangerous" and there are places where "sick" and "suffering" can find homes, be cared for, and cured, but this is still worth noticing, if only because a shelter in a state that euthanizes a lot of dogs is thinking "no-kill."

Read on to see what they say works ("Community," which means many things, including fostering and spay/neutering). They offer examples on what works, and it's worth reading.

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