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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Job Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet!

As you may know, Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet (GASP) is an organization that fosters the pets of our deployed personnel while they are abroad. So many dogs and cats end up in shelters when someone gets their orders and cannot find suitable pet care for the year they will be away. It is a tall order, afterall, to mind someone's pets for a year or more. This group and their well trained volunteers step in to help and prevents the soldier from having to drop their beloved at the shelter.  Owner surrenders at shelter die first, since the shelter knows no one is looking for them. It's heartbreaking.

I know one of the co-founders of GASP, and I can attest to it being a well-run and thoughtfully grown organization. They now have their headquarters in Texas, to accomodate the pets of soldiers when there is no suitable family to foster them, and they have 2,500 families across the United States at the ready to help watch over the most prized possession (next to actual kids) of our brave men and women serving on our behalf.

Please consider becoming a foster family or donating a few bucks to this very worthy cause.

Go here for the Q & A with Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet that I did last year. They discuss what's involved in being a foster family for a soldier's pet.