Now more than ever, you are needed to donate your old blankets, towels, and sheets to your local animal shelter. With financial cut-backs, repairs on shelters are often put off, so if it's drafty, the animals suffer. I know my shelter uses rags to stuff under doors. No kidding! Empty out those closets... this is your chance to get rid of stuff and do something useful!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Two More No-Kill Shelters

Kudos to Healdsburgh, California and Harbison, South Carolina!

Go here and here to read more.

The tide has changed. According to this article, 7 out of 10 people are not happy with the fact of pets being euthanized just for space.

But each place that wants to go no-kill, or upgrade its facility, needs to bring together private enterprise, public representatives, and people with checkbooks. It's hard work. It doesn't happen overnight. You can be sure that each of these efforts took countless hours on the part of dedicated people who overcame a lot of frustration.