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Friday, June 25, 2010

Des Moines, Iowa: Where a dog that hasn't attacked anyone gets euthanized.

This just seems wrong.
"It should be this dog attacked somebody so we are going to euthanize it," Jessica said. "It shouldn't be the dog was sitting on a balcony relaxing, playing with his family; we are going to euthanize him."
Des Moines, Iowa: Where a dog that hasn't attacked anyone gets euthanized.  Never mind the private property rights homeowners ought to have; the level of stupidity on the part of local legislators is staggering enough. Now that lack of imagination will cost their city money to ward off the inevitable lawsuits challenging breed specific legislation, which the animal protection community will fully support.

Stupid is as stupid does. The owners ought to have been aware of the law; but a dog should not be euthanized when no crime has been committed.

Des Moines, Iowa.