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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Give a Hand to Champ The Hero Dog

Please cross post this (and contribute if you can), as the rescue that took Champ in is paying his extensive vet bills.

via KTLA:
LOS ANGELES-- "Champ" the four year old German Shepherd mix was shot and badly hurt while protecting his family's home, and was scheduled to be euthanized after weeks of being kept as evidence. Now he needs help.

The shooter lodged several bullets in the dog's body, leaving Champ with a broken jaw bone, nerve problems, a bullet entry under his eye, and wounds covering his neck, shoulder, and abdomen.
Champ was kept as evidence while the intrusion case was pending, and was scheduled to be euthanized because his owners declined to get him the costly medical care he needed.
For full story via KTLA:,0,2789359.story

For the update from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, the rescue who took Champ in:
We received a plea from the South LA Shelter about a dog named Champ who was shot 5 times while protecting him home from an intruder. Champ has several bullets lodged in his body and needs medical care. He has been kept as evidence while the case was pending. He has now been released from evidence and will be euthanized if he is not rescued. His owners refused to get Champ the medical care he needs.
Coastal German Shepherd Rescue would like to rescue Champ and get him the medical care that he so desperately needs. His medical care is going to be costly as he has numerous injuries. The injuries that we know of are: bullets lodged behind ear, broken jaw bone, bullet lodged in upper leg causing nerve issues in his leg.

Champ needs to be seen by our wonderful vet team ASAP. We are planning to pick him up tomorrow and begin his care. We need your help though! Our medical bills are huge and we need your generous support to save Champ. Please make a donation to help save Champ today!

Update 3/12/10

Champ is truly a champ! We picked him up today and transported him to our wonderful vet team at Alicia Pet Care Center. He is getting a full body work up and we will know tonight what the medical plan is.

I can tell you this, Champ is one sweetheart of a boy! With the help of two other rescuers, we were able to capture his rescue on video and pictures. Check back soon for those. Champ gave his paw to all that would stop and give him a pet and a hello. He has wounds covering his neck, shoulder, abdomen and a bullet entry under his eye. With all of these wounds he still remained calm and collected! Please help us help Champ get his much needed medical care today! Every donation helps!

If you are interested in more information or if you would be interested in fostering or adopting this wonderful guy, please email Tiffany at

xoxo (No judgement on Champ's family. We never know someone else's financial circumstance.)