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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abuse of Pit Bulls Continues

Here are links and video to two stories that really are a shame. It is difficult for me to convey just how maligned this breed is. I'm not saying they're all angels, but then again, neither are all people and we don't willy-nilly shoot them. Enough!

SACRAMENTO - A Sacramento family is devastated and outraged after officers with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department shot and killed their dog in a chain of unfortunate events.

Officers were called to the 4800 block of Del Norte Boulevard by Child Protective Services to investigate a disturbance. Officers admit they were sent to the house of the Plevney Family by mistake, and meant to visit a home located across the street.

When officers arrived, they were greeted by the Plevney family's pit bull, "Sonic," who was shot and killed on sight.

"I'm just angry," head of household Julie Plevney said. "This dog was part of our family. He lived in our house, he was just like my son."

The family held a vigil for Sonic Wednesday evening.

"I don't want this to happen to any other family," Plevney said.

Officials with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department admit no wrongdoing, stating the responding officer feared for his safety and took appropriate action. Authorities also say the Plevney family praised the actions of officers in a report filed with the department. The Plevney family adamantly denies such praise.

"No, they were not (praised)," Plevney retorts. "We were here screaming and crying at the top of our lungs because they were sent to the wrong address, used excessive force and killed our dog."

The family says they're considering some type of action against the responding law enforcement agency.

Man who dropped puppy off balcony is sentenced

(to probation? -- note from dellbabe68)
 By Hart Van Denburg in Animals via City Pages: Minneapolis/St. Paul News Blog
Quincy Lee Morrow said he dropped a 5-month-old pit pull off a second-story Maplewood balcony by mistake after the dog bit his hand.

But police said they couldn't any bite marks on the 23-year-old man, and a vet who examined the ill-fated dog said it didn't look to him like the dog had bitten anyone.

Upshot: A felony animal cruelty conviction and five months of probation.

According to WCCO, "The dog sustained multiple fractures and had to be put to sleep."

Morrow will also have to attend mental health counseling and take a parenting class.

Full story here: