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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Way to Go Tallahassee!

I'm so glad to see things turning around for dogs used in fighting operations and for both sides of the political aisle realizing that dogs can be rehabilitated. A holocaust happens every year in our nation's shelters, and pitbulls suffer the brunt of it. They are inherently happy dogs, always wanting to please their owners, and they can be trained easily, which is how our society's low-lives take advantage of them.

Thanks to Tallahassee, Florida for putting thought behind legislation -- not a small thing! We need more of this from other municipalities.
Dolly, a pit bull terrier believed to have been used as a bait dog to get fighters ready for matches, was a docile participant at a noontime news conference. Three legislators posted big photos of her bloodied snout and scars in the Capitol rotunda. The legislators and attorney Ledy VanKavage of the Best Friends Animal Society said no breed is always dangerous and very few abused animals are beyond redemption.

"You can see what a wonderful animal this is," Sen. Jim Norman, R-Tampa, said of Dolly. "This is a dog that has been typified as a vicious type of animal but, as you can see, if dogs are treated right, they're man's best friend, ladies' best friend — just wonderful creatures."

Bill Cotterell of pnj has the full story.